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Quality design sets the client’s product apart from the competition while clear illustration increases product value. NOVA’s design and illustration team is made up of accredited design experts with years of industry experience. They can produce artistic, technical, and informative illustrations in the following areas:

Technical Illustration – Exploded Diagrams, Step-by-Step Instructional Images, Placement Diagrams. Clear illustration increases a document’s usability and reduces user frustration.
 Marketing Orientation – Fliers, Pamphlets, Product Guides, and Brochures. Effective marketing material increases product awareness and market share resulting in higher revenue.
 Document Templates and Layouts – User Manuals, Quick Setup Guides, White Papers, and Service Guides. Good template design can increase product value and prestige, and enhance the usability of a document.
 Website Design and Construction – a one stop website solution for any product or company. User friendly website design increases customer satisfaction, encourages more hits, and generates revenue.

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