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Software testing is an essential element of product pre-release. Customers have a low tolerance for faulty products, so testing is vital to company stability and growth.
NOVA’s proven software testing ensures that software performs as designed. Their experienced, industry-based testing team plans all stages of testing thoroughly and provides the client with a detailed error and bug report.

Usability testing focuses on a product's ability to execute its intended purpose. Products that commonly benefit from usability testing include web sites and applications, computer interfaces and GUIs, documents, and devices.

NOVA’s usability testing procedure measures a product’s usability quotient in four key areas:

Efficiency – The length of time taken to perform the intended task.
 Accuracy – The number of mistakes encountered during the intended task, and whether the mistake was fatal or recoverable.
 Recall – The amount of information retained by users after the testing period and after a protracted period of inactivity.
 Emotional response – The response of test subjects to the task, positive or negative.
 Product usability testing need not occur as a final stage of production–indeed Nova’s procedure can be implemented throughout a project’s life.

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